Asterias – Office Build for a Startup

Asterias, a Bay Area biotechnology company focused on regenerative medicine, had Globalize build out their IT infrastructure from the ground up as they were starting out. We worked closely with them to understand their requirements and design an IT solution to meet their needs as a nascent startup with limited capital. We helped them select a powerful laptop model and built images to standardize deployment for new employees.

We chose Office 365 as the email system, as it enabled them to quickly add users without the time and expense of building and managing an in-house email server. Globalize installed and configured a Cisco ASA firewall to protect the network and provide remote VPN access and wireless access points to provide WiFi throughout the building. We installed and configured a Windows 2012 file server to store the company’s sensitive intellectual property. For disaster recovery, we implemented encrypted backups to Amazon Glacier, which provided secure off-site storage of their backups.

Globalize also built a custom solution to allow scientists in the lab to save data directly to the server from legacy systems used to control essential lab equipment. We went on to provide them with on-site desktop support several days a week, which saved them the cost of a hiring a full-time IT employee. Asterias was able to quickly become productive and operate as a brand new, independent business entity with a full suite of modern IT solutions provided by Globalize Networks.