Imergy – Office 365 Migration

Established in 2005, Imergy’s mission is to deliver advanced technology that meets today’s growing demand for economical, reliable, and safe energy storage solutions. Imergy was running a single, aging Exchange server for their mail system, which was out-of-date and not fault tolerant. Instead of taking on the cost and effort of upgrading the hardware and re-architecting their email system for high availability, Imergy chose to migrate to Office 365. Globalize provided the planning and migration services.

A key challenge turned out to be auditing their existing email system and identifying active and inactive users. We were able to run scripts to assist with this and provided detailed documentation of the migration process. Globalize managed the data migration and worked closely with Imergy’s existing IT service provider to support the end users during the cutover to Office 365. Imergy benefited by gaining an updated email system with the latest features, functionality, and high reliability, without the capital expense of new hardware and software. The complexity of managing redundant email servers was offloaded to Office 365, cutting down on Imergy’s IT services costs as well.

Globalize provides ongoing IT consulting services to Imergy to augment their primary IT service provider. We have implemented projects like inbound ISP redundancy for their overseas operation, as well as Linux system administration for both their domestic and offshore offices. Globalize provides Imergy with additional IT resources to complement the areas covered by their primary provider, allowing them to move forward more quickly with new projects and initiatives.