Network Infrastructure

Build a Solid Foundation


These are technologies that should be relatively invisible to the end user. We at Globalize Networks believe that building a well designed infrastructure will reduce problems down the road and produce a computer network that performs well. If these systems are causing problems, we have the training and experience to fix them.

Network Architecture – We design, build, and maintain both wired and wireless networks to meet a wide range of business needs.

Remote Access – Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions provide remote users access to corporate network resources such as file servers. VPN can also be used to connect remote offices, providing seamless network integration.

Fault Tolerance – Internet connectivity is so essential that it’s a good idea to have multiple internet connections in case of failure.

Performance – Network performance problems can be caused by a wide range of issues, ranging from malware to streaming media consuming bandwidth. Network analysis can reveal the causes of network performance problems, and we can implement solutions such as malware removal, bandwidth throttling, URL filtering, or even just helping to order additional bandwidth from your ISP.