A Tight Knit Team of Extraordinary Talent

Deep experience, inspired creativity, exceptional technical proficiency, and sound business acumen.

Business First, Tech Second
Globalize has been partnering with the Bay area’s most innovative companies since 2005.  We pride ourselves on a business focused practice. We start with the business goals, and then find the right tools to get you there, not vice versa.  

We do not partner with any vendors or resell any 3rd party services.  This makes us truly vendor agnostic.  We will pick the best tools for your business needs without any pressure to direct toward the solutions that provide us with additional margins.

Surprising Acumen
We are extremely good at delivering technology solutions and unraveling tricky roadblocks.  We have a proven track record of successful projects and happy customers.


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Scott Jackisch

Founder, Principal

Ivan Labat, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics, CIO / CTO Consultant

Antonio Prinzivalli

CIO / CTO Consultant

Hooman Altafi

Senior Director

Paul Holden

IT Manager

Dony Christie

Associate, Crypto-Altruist
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