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Cloud Services Expertise​

We develop, implement, and maintain the most reliable and cost effective cloud services for your business.  Cloud migration and support are our specialties.

Cloud Curation is our way of describing one of the primary roles of a modern IT department.  The hardware has moved to the cloud, however these services still require expert planning, implementation, and support to surface true business value.

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Technology Selection

Our experienced CIO will partner with your executive team to understand your business goals and select the cloud services with the best ROI. Our implementation team will outline the lowest risk rollout plan.

Implentation & Integration

Rollout new cloud services and integrate with 3rd party platforms to support data exchange, provisioning and Single Sign On.

Cloud Migration

Move from on-premise to cloud, or from cloud-to-cloud.  Our cloud migration experts will plan and execute your project so that your business will have minimum downtime and zero data loss.


Get US based, highly technical support resources to handle the resolution of complex cloud problems.  It's no secret that getting timely and effective support is difficult to get from most public cloud providers today.  Jump directly to 3rd tier level resources with Globalize.

Cost Optimization

A recent Gartner report predicts that 60% of businesses will overspend on cloud services.  Most workloads require some instrumentation and refactoring to be cost effective.  The "Lift and Shift" approach to moving workloads is a prime cause of cost overrun.  Globalize will audit your (often inscrutable) cloud billing to identify opportunities for cost savings.

Private Cloud Services

Globalize has a range of flexible private cloud offerings for special cases where public cloud services are not the best fit.  Our private cloud is stable, secure, and highly available, fault tolerant, with off-site backups and the ability to migrate workloads to and from public cloud platforms as needed.

Globalize has been a great business partner to Energy Hippo.  They are reliable and prompt in returning support requests, their service is cost competitive, and above all their knowledge and experience is both accessible, and wide ranging.   We have relied on them for several years, and couldn’t be happier.
Nitin Manchanda
General Manager at Univerus
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Further Reading

Cloud Services in Depth

There is a huge push for modern businesses to move to the cloud.  This is shown in the 2022 Flexera cloud survey, which says that two thirds of SMB workloads will be in the cloud by 2023.  Thus, most IT work revolves around supporting cloud services.  Due to its importance, businesses need good guidance on how to manage their cloud resources.

The three main cloud initiatives outlined in the survey are: 

  1. Reducing cost of existing cloud services
  2. Moving workloads to the cloud
  3. Migrating on-premise software to SaaS

So it should be no surprise that these are cloud projects that we frequently see at Globalize.  And odds are that your own business has projects like this planned or currently underway.  Contact Globalize today to get expert guidance and support with your cloud initiatives.