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Corporate CyberSecurity efforts need to prioritize the most common and most costly attack vectors such as phishing attacks.  Globalize has built out cyber-defense strategies and systems for a myriad of companies.  We know from experience what works and what doesn't.

Scott Jackisch, CyberSecurity Consultant


CyberSecurity experts have been patching security flaws in systems for years, engaged in a running street battle with hackers as they reveal one vulnerability after another.  Offense really is easier than defense, so it is difficult to protect from truly skilled hacking groups who are focused on your business.

Good news: elite hackers are focused on elite targets, and SMBs aren’t usually in their sites. Bad news:  mediocre hackers have discovered that they don’t need elite skills to break into your company network.  They just need to trick someone in organization to type their password into a bogus website.

Phishing and email impersonation are the top attack vectors today.  According to a recent Cisco report, phishing accounts for 90% of data breaches.

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Defense Against the Dark Arts

Network Security

Secure networks are important to reduce risk from more technical attacks.  Globalize has deep experience configuring these traditional security tools.

  • Firewalls – Modern firewalls control traffic and can perform intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS).
  • Secure Wireless  – The 802.1x secure wireless protocol allows company devices to automatically connect using certificates, simplifying user experience and hindering unauthorized access without sharing network passwords with end-users.
  • Segmented Networks – Many simple network designs allow all devices indiscriminate access to each other.  Servers, clients, phones, etc. really have different network requirements. Segmenting networks using VLANs can improve performance and reduce risk by controlling traffic on a more granular level.

Security Auditing

CyberSecurity Audit ImageIt is important to regularly audit the CyberSecurity posture of your company for both compliance reasons and to reduce operational risk. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning – It’s important to identify machines with unpatched vulnerabilities on your network and to remediate any issues.
  • Penetration Testing – Night watchmen jiggle the handle of doors to ensure they are locked.  Network defenses also must be tested to ensure that they are operational and preventing intrusion.
  • Configuration review – Our security experts can identify potential problems with network configurations to plug holes and ensure best practices are in place.

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