End User Support

Keep Your Workforce Working

When technology malfunctions workers are stopped in their tracks.  Our friendly US based end-user support technicians will fix your tech problems quickly and get your teams back to work.  We understand that tech problems are stressful and we take great care to do our jobs with sensitivity and equanimity.

Timely Resolution

The most important aspect of good end user support is timely resolution of issues.  Globalize consistently delivers solutions within our prescribed SLAs.  Count on it.

Gentle Bedside Manner

Customer service needs to human focused to be effective.   We understand that technology failures can be incredibly frustrating. Our staff is experienced at deescalating stressful situations and gently guiding end users toward the effective solutions that they are looking for.

Cost Effective Support

We manage support costs through careful tracking and analysis of service requests to identify common bottlenecks with the goal of reducing tickets per user. 

End User Support

Case Studies

End User Support

Customer Testimonials

We have outsourced IT operations to Globalize since 2009. First for BioTime and continuing to the present day with AgeX Therapeutics. Globalize has delivered reliable and cost-effective services.

Andrea Park, CPA (inactive)
CFO, AgeX Therapeutics

I have worked with the Globalize Networks team for many years across a number of companies ranging from 4-600 employees.  Their efficient and responsive approach to IT has made them a valuable and trustworthy partner in helping my companies achieve our business objectives.

John Woolard
CEO, Meridian Clean Energy

Globalize was a key resource in building and maintaining Imergy’s IT environment.  I worked with them for many years and was always very pleased with their ability to design and deliver solutions.

Bob Spicer
IT Director, Imergy
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