Revolution Foods is an Oakland based food producer with offices nation-wide.  When Globalize was brought in to manage their network infrastructure. we discovered that RevFoods had a large monthly Azure spend.  Globalize was able to cut their spend in half.  The first order of business was to analyze the billing to identify the monthly cost of each resource.  Unfortunately, Azure, like many cloud services does not make this easy, and even their cost analysis tools require a good amount of technical skill.  We we able to identify a number of systems that could simply be decommissioned, generating instant savings.  We then identified a number of systems that could be resized to lower cost storage and instance types, resulting in yet more savings with minimal impact.  Finally, we migrated a number of non-business critical systems from Azure down to on-premise hyper-v servers housed in a pre-existing server room at HQ using low cost hardware to achieve redundancy and fault tolerance.  The resulting hybrid configuration produced a huge monthly cost savings and provides greater flexibility as workloads can be moved between on-premise and cloud.

Project Info

  • Category: Cloud Curation
  • Industry: Food Service
  • Location: Oakland, CA
  • Employees: 1200
  • Year: 2018

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