Energy Hippo is an early innovator in the  Enterprise Energy Management space.  Their clients include energy companies and some of the larger energy consumers.  Globalize has been providing private cloud services to host Energy Hippo’s premier EEM software platform since 2015.  This solution provides a highly flexible, robust, and cost-effective solution allowing them to deliver exceptional performance and value to their clients.

This solution includes many of the same features that are expected from public cloud solutions such as 99.9% percent uptime and health monitoring.  But we offer additional features that public cloud solutions alone cannot provide:


  • Simple and intuitive VM self-provisioning and management.
  • 3rd party hardware hosting – We can host any sort of hardware for specialized uses such as USB software dongle sharing, off-site SAN replication, or specific firewalls for homogenous VPN connectivity.
  • Hybrid backups with on-premise local backups synched to off-site cloud storage
  • Easy transfer of very large datasets via USB
  • Low cost with simple billing and no difficult to track details like network transfer fees

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Project Info

  • Category: Cloud Curation
  • Industry: Enterprise Software
  • Location: Alameda, CA
  • Employees: 80
  • Years: 2015-Present

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